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Giving back to the society

Hailing from India, I have seen how more than half the population of the country carry on with their lives. Most of them do not have enough to manage two square meals a day or have proper healthcare. To make matters worse, the Covid 19 pandemic has ravaged the length and breadth of this beautiful country leaving countless families ruptured and many more homeless. 

So, seeing all this, I had decided that whenever I am finally capable of standing up on my own two feet, I will try my best to make a difference. Now, that I am able to make some money out of my photography, I want to give back to the country and its citizens. Hence, I have decided to donate 15% of all my sales and profits to Hemkunt Foundation. Working under the motto of "Welfare for all", it is a non-governmental organization that aims to provide humanitarian aid to the marginalized sections of society.

So if you liked my work and decide to purchase any of my services - be it collaborations, photoshoots or print purchases, you are not only supporting me as a photographer but also making a difference.

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