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A Tryst with Winter

Winter has always been a season in which I have struggled photographically. Although I love the season, I have never been able to create images that I have gone onto love after a few days. But the past winter has been one of my most productive periods, photographically. I have finally been able to come out of the cold induced photographic rut that I seem to suffer from during the winter months and was able to create a collection of images that speak to me and also have stood up to the test of time. 

Saarland is not one of those states in Germany which is known for a lot of snow transforming the landscape into a winter wonderland, which is often the case with other higher altitude states like Bavaria or Nordrhein Westfalia. Winters in Saarland are often characterized as dry, with some occasional misty mornings sprinkled in between. So this year, I decided to throw caution to the wind and focus showcasing this dry "uninteresting" aspect of Saarland to the best of my ability. Probably because of this attitude, I was gifted with a few mornings with heavy snowfall and also quite a lot of fog on some days. Capitalising on these days and staying close to my surroundings, I have been able to come up with this collection dedicated to my surrounding woodlands - woodlands which have been instrumental to my work. 

So, with that, I present to you all "A Tryst with Winter". Hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed photographing them.

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